Question # 1: Can’t I Just Learn All This Stuff On My Own

Answer: Yes, you can learn and even implement many of these strategies on your own….but why would you want to? Aren’t you strapped enough for time as it is?  How valuable is your time right now? Listen, people pay you for your expertise, because you are the expert. You’ve “been there and done that” and have the stripes on your back to prove it.

We’ve spent years and thousands of dollars collecting, testing, implementing, and perfecting these strategies with great success in hundreds of small businesses. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to. Why reinvent the wheel at the expense of losing a ton of time and money?  That’s why we provide our “done for you” strategies and services.

If your budget restricts you to implementing some of the strategies on your own, we’ve got you covered. Our DIY Marketing Products will  flatten the learning curve and keep you on track to get the job done right.

Question # 2: My business is different than most, are you sure your Internet marketing strategies will work for me? OR This will never work in my business it’s different here in (insert city name)

Answer: I think you’d be surprised how many businesses say the same thing. The strategies we recommend work regardless of what part of the county you live in or your specific product, service or target market.  We utilize so many different strategies it’s almost impossible for us NOT to find several that you can start using right away.

Question # 3: I don’t have a big marketing budget, which strategies will work best for me?

Answer:  Many of the strategies we recommend cost very little in relative terms.  Also, many of our strategies are one time expenditures, meaning that once you implement them, you will reap the benefits for months or even years to come.

For most businesses, however it is not about spending more so much as it is either re-allocating resources or improving what you are already doing. For instance, running more effective Google ads won’t cost you more, but will obviously bring you better results.

Our DIY Marketing Products are also available if you absolutely have to get it done on your own.

Question # 4: How many strategies do you suggest I implement?

Answer: It’s not about how many so much as it is doing them correctly and in the right order.  We consult with each client and then recommend the best strategies to fit their objectives, timing and budget.  We then track, refine and adjust as the market provides feedback.

Question # 5: How much time will it take before I start to see results of my efforts?

Answer: Some strategies like Video Marketing can show results in a matter of hours or days after implementation whereas other strategies like SEO take more time because the search engines need time to find and index the coding changes.  If speed is what you are looking for, we can recommend specific strategies to get you the fastest results possible.

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