Pay Per Click (PPC), local internet advertising is an incredible way to get highly targeted traffic to your website, in just a matter of hours!

local internet advertisingAnd better yet, you only pay when someone who sees your ad actually clicks on it!

That would be kind of like having a Yellow Pages ad and the only time you have to pay was when someone actually picked up the phone and called your company!

Wouldn’t that be awesome!!!

Now PPC is some tricky business but even if you do not do everything right when you set up your campaigns and create your ads, it can still be extremely profitable.

However, hiring a local marketing consultant who knows PPC inside and out and how to get your ads to show in the top spots yet cost less per click than your competition is paying and actually convert better as well, will pay for itself many times over.

Local Internet Advertising Gets the Phone Ringing

One of our clients in the HVAC business spent roughly $2,000 in PPC and netted over $19,000 in just 45 days.  Pretty exciting, huh?

The day after he put this system into place his phone was ringing!  We then added organic sites that moved to the first page of Google and that phone rang so much he had to hire help… That is the power in online marketing, if it is done right.

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