In addition to the many services offered by Google, the company offers Google Plus, its social networking site.  Google Plus takes the functionality along with the most popular features of Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, combines and tweeks them to create a new site.  Like other social media sites, Google Plus can benefit your Chicago Online Business in several ways.


Your Profile

To begin building a following for your Chicago online business on Google Plus, you should first develop an excellent profile.  Other users will give a quick look at the profile and decide whether they will stay and connect or move to another profile in a matter of seconds.  To build followers, the profile must have an immediate impact on the viewer.

Add a high quality photo profile that shows your face. The photo needs to be close enough to show details without being too close.  The site also offers users the option of uploading five photos to appear at the top of the profile.  This virtual real estate can show five things related to you, your top interests and your business.  In addition, it is possible to upload a single photo that is divided into five parts.

Users should know what you are about with a quick glance at your tagline.  The introduction should follow suit, but allows you more lines with which to work.  Complete the profile completely but resist the temptation for clowning around.  Everything should be relevant to the brand image you are creating.

Making Friends

Take some time to search for other site users from your industry.  Everyone on Google Plus is networking and attempting to meet new friends and colleagues.  As with LinkedIn, the site is a tool for professional networking, but also is designed for a more casual approach along the lines of Facebook.  Find others who share similar interests, both personal and business and admit them to your circles.  Most will reply and add you to their circles as well.  Make sure you offer the same courtesy to those who add you to their circles first.

Sharing Content

Share content that represents you in a good light and that your followers like.  Avoid over-thinking the content shared.  Choose anything you find interesting and fun and it is likely that your followers will also like it.  Monitor their response to the kind of content being shared and take note of the posts that are popular as well as those getting no response.  Make sure the content you share includes Extended Circles.  Extended circles are followers of your followers and increase the exposure of what is shared.

Make Comments on Posts

When contacts share content, try to add a “+1” as well as a comment on the post.  Offer positive feedback.  Something as simple as “great post” or “thanks for sharing this” are okay, but it is even better to add to the value of a post by adding your own ideas and expertise.  The comments you share encourage others to make comments as well as notice you.

There will be some posts with which you disagree, but you should do so politely and respectfully offer a different point of view.  Such comments often gather more attention.  In addition, reply to individuals commenting on a post when appropriate or necessary to do so.

Here to Help

Focus your efforts on Google Plus on helping other people.  Seek those who will benefit from your own expertise and knowledge and offer it.  For example, someone with an Internet security software company should search for related posts and answer any questions others may have.  This earns their goodwill, and shows on both their profile and yours, allowing the circles of those who see the value you offer to grow.

Maximize Exposure fro Your Chicago Online Business

Google Plus offers unique features that can maximize your exposure to new people.  You can host Hangouts and provide help through them.  Create circles based on particular themes and share it with Extended circles.  Use the “+mention” feature whenever another user is mentioned or reposted.  You are then seen on their profile and introduce them to other users.

As you slowly build a following for your Chicago online business, do not obsess over the growth of the following.  Some make the mistake of checking their statistics daily and find themselves distracted and their time wasted.  Instead, take a look at the specific efforts that bring the most new followers and attempt to replicate the results.

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