Will Video Rule the World?

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Much like Pinky and the Brain (for those of you old enough to remember this animated television series from the mid 90’s) video is trying its best to take over the world, the world of marketing that is. But will it succeed? It has been reported by Cisco that by 2022, online video is anticipated to drive more than 82% of all internet traffic. 82%. Just stop and think about that for a moment. 82% of the world’s population, producing and watching video content that is hosted and shared, and then watched. This is a truly significant number, one that cannot be ignored. According to the report, this means that the projected growth lands us at four times more video than in 2018.

SEO & video, do those two worlds ever collide?

For many marketers, ranking in Google is one of the primary objectives to achieve. The philosophy is simple. If you do not rank, you will not be found by those that are organically searching for the services that you offer. If you do rank, anything after the second page is considered to be an “online cemetery”, where rankings go to die. So, the higher you rank, specifically on the first page, produces a significantly higher amount of traffic to your website, often compounding the closer you get to the first position on the search results page. How does this relate to video content you may ask? Well, as many of us may already be aware, content is a fundamental backbone of being able to rank on the likes of Google. I will keep referring to Google as the primary search engine. There are others such as Bing, but let’s face it, Google calls the shots in all things search these days. Content is a piece of the SEO pie that shows expertise, authority, and trust, also known as the E-A-T principle, that Google places front and center in their user guidelines. Content comprises not only of the written word, but also the images we use, and now of course (drum roll please) the videos we produce and share. Let’s think about this a moment longer, if people are starting to read less, and watch more videos (face it, we are becoming lazier, whether we care to admit it or not), then it would make sense that as marketers, we should make a point to not fall behind in giving customers what they want. We need to have a similar mindset to that of Pinky and the Brain, on how we can continue to conquer, and take over the digital world. SEO specialists wake up each day, they keep planning and striving to crush their competition and take that top spot on the first page of Google. Video is now merely a new weapon in our belt.

Signs of taking over the SEO world

Video, believe this or not, if set up correctly in conjunction with your website, has started showing that they can not only appear on search results page, but often, if the topic being searched for is of real value and interest to the users, the video rankings often claim the top spot on Google. If you are an aspiring YouTube star trying to make money with your “How to apply makeup” segments, then chances are you are wanting to get your YouTube channel to rank, grow your subscriber base, so that you can begin to earn, not your website. But, if you are a marketer for either a B2B or B2C company, and your primary objective is to generate leads, then of course you would want your website to rank and not your video channel. And you can absolutely, 100% do this with video. It is going to take some thought, some planning, perhaps a little finesse, but a challenge has never sent a born and bred marketer running for the hills, to battle we will go, and great opposition we will face, until we hear the phones ring, or see the web leads come in. Because that is our true purpose, to generate leads, stir interest, so that we may grow our business.

How exactly do I use SEO to get video to rank?

Hang on a second, with the likes of YouTube dominating the video hosting arena, you wonder to yourself if this is even possible. How can you get your site to rank? Is this even possible?

Yes, there are crazy YouTube statistics floating out there such as users are uploading 500 hours of new footage onto YouTube every single minute. Over 1 billion hours of footage is watched each day, of which over 70% is done so by mobile phones. So, use this to your advantage. And this is how:

  • Create your video with a clear purpose in mind, make sure that the keywords you are wanting to rank for are scripted and filmed.
  • Optimize the video within YouTube, include titles, descriptions, and of course a link to your website. Be sure to activate closed captions.
  • Embed the video onto your website, and be sure to make sure that it opens up on its own web page when clicked on
  • Optimizing your web page like you normally would. SEO at its finest. On page descriptions, meta and content to speak to the desired search term. Here is a pro tip, copy and paste the transcript used for the closed captions onto the unique web page displaying your video, it gives Google extra content to crawl.

There is no reason why you cannot work towards ranking your website, with video. If you start mastering the world of video in conjunction with SEO now, and planning to integrate this new content into your strategy, you will already be way ahead of the curve. By being aware, and purposeful in your planning of content production, and distribution, it will give you the added edge to claim that top spot!

Forget earth, let’s rule the Galaxy with video!

What if we said, you could take video, optimize for Google and on top of that you could factor in some very smart automated marketing mailers into the mix to drive optimal lead nurturing for your company? Crazy you might say. Not at all.

Introducing GrooveVideo™, a smart video platform that has the ability to trigger off an automated email to the viewer, depending on what action they take, or don’t take.

For example, if the viewer bounces from the video within the first 10 seconds, this platform which when integrated with GrooveMail™, will trigger automated communications delivered to their inbox, encouraging them to either come back, provide feedback, or whatever else you would like them to do.

What if they watch the entire video? Maybe reward them with a free trial to your product? The system will automatically pick up that the video has been viewed completely, and their inbox will be rewarded with a mailer from you, offering them a trial, or whatever else it is you wish to offer, or communicate. The world, no let me correct that, the marketing galaxy is at your fingertips.

Because if Google, together with video, is truly our new world (or galaxy!), then unlike Pinky and the Brain who failed in their world-dominating adventures, you as a marketer, are well on your way to taking over the (digital) world.